5 Tips to Kick the Creative Block Funk

Have you ever been in the situation where you just can’t seem to get those creative juices flowing?  I know I have.. and it happens more often than not.  Here is what I do, when I just can’t seem to to get out of the creative block funk.
1)  GET OFF FACEBOOK – It’s one thing to be inspired by images you see on the internet, but these sites can be a time suck.  You will find yourself spending more time idealizing the things you want to create than actually creating them.  Limit your internet time and find other things to inspire you.

2) GET AWAY – Switch up your surroundings.  Take a long drive, or simply go for a walk by yourself. The environment change helps change your perspective and will help spark your creativity.

Webuntitled shoot- Julie Belton-47

3) BUY A NOTEBOOK – Sure, Evernote, and other software like it are GREAT, I use them all the time.  But using these methods tie you down to the computer, and next thing you know, you are back on Facebook… see step 1!

4) DO A 180 – If you’re a photographer like me, you have a genre you shoot… weddings, portraits, fine art, etc.  Well, try something new.  Pick a genre you have never shot before, and have fun with it.

Webuntitled shoot- Julie Belton-12

5) COLLABORATE – This is my all time favorite thing to do.  Set a date to meet up with some of your photographer friends, or other creatives and go shoot together.  Being around other creatives not only makes you commit to creating something, you undoubtedly will learn something new.

I hope this helps… now (after you like and share) GET OFFLINE AND GO CREATE SOMETHING AWESOME!!!!