About Me


Julie is a fine art photographer from the United States.  She uses traditional painting techniques and digital photo manipulation to create surreal painterly images that tell the stories of love, dreams, emotion and fantasy.  Using color and textures to immerse the viewer into an idealized view of life where reality is a metaphor.  She photographs real life people, objects and landscapes and uses them to create imaginary worlds.

Her inspiration comes from life experiences of love and loss, and her art is her way of expressing the feelings that live in her heart.  She is a passionate woman who lives life to the fullest and loves being creative as well as inspiring those around her to follow their dreams and live happy lives.

Julie started in photography in 2010 shooting portraits and weddings. In 2013, she shifted towards the fine art space where she is now free to break all the rules and truly express herself.  She is currently experimenting with mixed media art using watercolors, acrylic and other painting mediums.