Arizona Highways

I go to Vegas at least twice a year, its a short 3 to 4 hour drive from Phoenix.  As my Photography skills grow, I find more and more to shoot.  Here are some images from the drive out.  Arizona sure is beautiful this time of year.

On the way home we stopped off at one of the cutest rest stops, in the middle of nowhere!  The sign outside said Homemade Pie, so yumm, PULL OVER.  Luchia’s on 93 South.  Inside they had a gift shop with beautiful handmade artsy stuff, and a cafe with a full service staff and kitchen.  Now, out back was what was so unexpected.  A flower lined path led to a coy fish pond with dozens of fish, and Peacocks freely walking around.  And if that wasn’t enough, further back in the yard were a few hen houses that had three WHITE Peacocks!  A rare breed I never knew existed.  Its funny how the most amazing things can turn up when your not looking for it.