Beckoning the Lost for A Final Farewell

Ok, So I love this image for so many reasons.   A) The subject is my one of my dear friends Kory Zuccarelli  B) He honored me by naming it, and C) I got to use some of my new textures from New Orleans!  Whhhhaaaat!!!  Trifecta!

Here is the cool Gif to show you the building of the image “Beckoning the lost for a final farewell”.  The image was created from several photos taken on different days.  First, I took the image of Kory.  When shooting the image, I didn’t have quite a clear vision of what I wanted to do with it, but he was in a cape, soooooo pretty much if you put a cape on, you are begging to have your picture taken.

While on my first visit to New Orleans, I decided to take a self guided tour of the cool cemetery’s they have, and when I saw this tomb I knew it was going to be the perfect background.  I remembered that I shot Kory’s image looking up a bit, so I shot several images of this tomb at different angles so I could make sure when I was to blend them together, they would match up.  Lucky for me, it was a rainy overcast day (perfect lighting for compositing) and I was able to remove the gray sky fairly easy.  I wanted a slightly more dramatic sky (I think that is my style) – But not too dramatic that it would distract from the subjects.

After compositing it was time for color.  Some slight desaturation and a few curves adjustments, and I felt it was looking pretty good.  His hands were empty at the time I shot the original image and I choose not to photoshop a different object in there, but to add a glow of light instead.



The two textures I used are below.  I just love adding textures to all of my digital paintings, I just feel like it ties everything together.  Playing with the different blending modes and opacity to create a signature look.  You can download these textures for free, so you can play too…  CLICK HERE FOR THAT POST