BTS at Watkins Glen with Kyle Baird

It is interesting how the universe answers you, when you ask the right questions.  Last weekend I had plans to take a road trip to Upstate NY to volunteer at the Farm Sanctuary.  So I thought, wouldn’t it be fun if I also took this time to get some photography in.  A quick google image search got me excited to visit the local state parks and the farms.

Problem was, I really didn’t want to explore alone… so listening to advice given to me by my sister, I posted a status on Facebook that I was going to be making this trip, and if anyone wanted to join me, send me a message. I had THREE responses, one from a photographer, and two from local models (more about them on there posts).  I was shocked, I thought for sure I will be doing this alone.

Kyle Baird lives about 30 mins from where we where shooting, so he new a few secret spots we could photograph.  We originally planned to have a model, but that fell through, so we just drove around and explored Watkins Glen instead.  He’s very adventurous, and I am just glad we didn’t end up in the emergency room!  Enjoy some behind the scene shots we captured.