CreativeLive brings us Brooke Shaden

Flipping through facebook this morning on my way into work I noticed that CreativeLive made an announcement that Brooke Shaden was coming to teach next month.  I immediately burst into excitement, which btw the lady next to me reading her book could care less.  She CLEARLY is not a photographer.  Brooke’s work is truly inspiring.  Her concepts are mind blowing, and I can sit and stare at her images for hours, each one telling a different story.  I am not the eloquent with words, you just have to check her out…

So here I go… getting in front of the camera (bleeehhhh) to submit my video in hopes that I get selected to attend the workshop in person.  The mere thought of having the opportunity to take part of this workshop brings tears to my eyes.  I need this.. in my life.. and now is the time.

Feel free to comment on my blog post below =)  And thank you in advance for your support!