CreativeLive… Here I come!

Last week I got an email telling me that I was selected to attend the all-star photography event with creativeLIVE in New York City!  Eight professional photographers teaching workshops on all genres of photography over two days! So on October 25-26, yours truly will be headed into the city to bast in the presence of Sue Bryce, Sal Cincotta, Jason Groupp, Blair Bunting, Bob and Dawn Davis, Corinne Alavekios and Penny De Los Santos!!!

For those of you who follow creativeLive, you know what an opportunity this is!  For those of you who don’t… it’s like the SuperBowl of photography workshops.  I feel so blessed to be one of the chosen few who get to attend, and don’t even have words for how excited I am!!!  And to top it all off… i will get to check off #53 on my list.