Dasein – An Invitation to Hang

Today Chase Jarvis, a internationally known and brilliant photographer announced a new fine art project he is conducting at the Ace Hotel in New York.  Its a celebration of the snapshot.  The gist, people around the world are submitting their images to www.invitationtohang.com, and Chase is personally selecting the images that are to be posted in the online live gallery.  From those images, certain ones will be selected and printed to be displayed in the gallery at the Ace Hotel.

The point is to create something BIG, a collaborative of thousands of photographers both professional and amateur having fun and capturing moments.  He’s not looking for the perfect image that would be put in a magazine, its a personal project he is sharing with us.

This project is going on for the next 30 days, and I certainly plan to participate.  Here are the two images I’ve submitted so far.  I’ll keep you updated to let you know if they get selected.