Elizabeth+Ronald Take 3

Shoot a wedding!  Check!! —  101 in 1001 challenge.

Where do i begin?  I’ve been best friends with Liz since we were 16 years old, and without calling out my age… its been a long time.  Neither of us really had marriage in our 10 year plans, but nevertheless, here we are.

She started traveling the world in college, going to Spain, Japan, Australia and on her recent two year stay in Africa she met Ronald. The man that got her to settle down. Since he lived in Kenya and she lived in the US, it took a long time to get him here, but finally we got the call that his Visa was approved. Ronald is the perfect balance for Liz, he’s so laid back and happy all the time, I couldn’t be happier for my very best friend.

Their first wedding was a civil ceremony, their second was held in Kenya and their third was a Greek Orthodox ceremony held at St. Nicholas Church in Wycoff, New Jersey. The whole day was perfect!  Everything was on time, and not a detail was overlooked.  I could go on for days.. but your here to see pictures… so here are my favorites.  I warn you… there’s a lot!  You might want to grab a cup of coffee =)

Since I was staying with Liz and Ronald all week, I took the opportunity to take all the detail shots the day before.  I LOVE this image!  All the pictures on the bay window were wedding pictures from her grandparents, mother, brother, and of course her first ceremony with Ronald.


Rise and shine… 7AM!!! Time to get ready…

Ronald’s mom (Coco) made the long long trip from Kenya to be here for his special day.  The look on Liz’s and Linda’s faces were priceless!

My Husband helped Ronald get all gussied up! Tuxedo’s do take two to assemble.

Now its time for Liz to turn some heads and make our mouth’s drop.  She is so BEAUTIFUL!

Okay, Ronald… stay right here and DON’T LOOK!!

Here are the crowns (Stefana) that will be used in the ceremony.

This is what perfection looks like.

The Ceremony was mostly in greek, so I didn’t understand most of it, but the chanting was amazing!  Here the bride and groom are united with the Stefana.  Just as the priest placed them on Liz and Ronald’s heads, a beam of light came in through the windows and shinned on them.

Off to the reception which was at Il Villaggio in Carlstadt, New Jersey.

Greek weddings are a BLAST!  Filled with traditional dances.

Ronald and Coco had their traditional dance as well.


Another tradition I wish I had at my wedding!!!

Being a Photographer and a Guest at the same time was kinda hard… but I made it work!!!


Congratulations to Elizabeth and Ronald

I wish you all the happiness and love in your new life together!!