Fine Art Fashion – Making of The ‘Queen of Castlerock’

I have been itching like crazy to create a new image this week, and told myself if I was a good girl, and got all my boring work done, that I was going to allow myself to play this Friday Night.  Wow, Just realized how much of a looser I am – staying in on a Friday night to edit =) #FineArtPhotogProblems.  I am practicing my editing workflow and trying to keep the entire process to under three hours – although this one went over, I did stick to my outline.

1) Composite – Starting with a blank canvas, I assembled all the images to create the image outline.  I lost count of how many flower layers I have here, but I did take several shots to make sure I had decent lighting and shadows on the one flower.  Its subtle, but I can certainly tell the difference.

2) Color – Step one in coloring the image is de-saturating all the real “organic” color.  This helps the image look more painterly because I can then go in with a curves layer, and add in the colors I want in the shadows, mid-tones and highlights.

3) Lighting – Using Curves and the Lighting Effect Filter, I played with the highlights and shadows to create a slight directional light coming in from the right.

4) Vignette  – Several vignette’s were created here, using a feathered curves layer, and the lens correction sliders.  I ended up lowering the opacity at the end because it went a bit dark after I added the textures.

5) Texture – As always, my next to last step.  Adding the texture is what took the most time because I have soooooooo many textures!!!!  Just going through them, and playing with the different blending modes… ughhh, I get lost!

6) Sharpen – SLICE IT LIKE A NINJA!!! Yes, I do scream that when I use the Totally Rad Action!  I might even do the karate chop, but you will never know.. NEVER.