Getting Crafty – Cheap Upholstered Headboard

So this post has nothing to do with photography, but I just had to share my recent Pinterest Inspired project I did with my stepmom this weekend. I just moved to my new tiny studio apartment at Bradley Beach, and really have been racking my brain to make this small space fun, colorful, and me!

So I decided to go with a bohemian inspired headboard I made on the cheap!  Supplies were 9 18×21 inch quilt squares I picked up at Joanne’s Fabrics for $1.50 each, thin quilting batting, and 5 foam core boards, command damage free hanging strips and my stapler.

Super easy project… First I cut the foam boards in half to make the squares, then I cut the batting to size, and wrapped the fabric around the board and stapled in place. Next, I attached the hanging strip to the back and stuck them to the wall.  Can’t get much easier than that!  Plus, I had a blast doing it.

A few simple steps and about an hours time, I had my very first upholstered headboard, for under $30 =)