Graduation Time

Today my sister’s oldest son celebrated his kindergarten graduation. It was held at the Renaissance Hotel in Glendale, Arizona, in one of their biggest ballrooms. What an outstanding ceremony!! It started with a beautiful pomp and circumstance processional, each class getting their turn to make their grand entrance, I pretty much lost it when the doors opened, and I saw 100 little kids all dressed in cap and gown. They all filed in so perfectly, and the ceremony began with the pledge of alligiance followed by the children all singing America the Beautiful!

After the Teachers were recognized for all the hard work they put in this year, each Kindergarten class got a chance to perform a few songs for the crowd. After, they were escorted off the stage and brought back one by one for the distribution of diploma’s.  I love that they took the time for each kid to have a chance for their parents, or in my cause Tia’s, to come to the front of the stage and get their photo’s taken.  It really was amazing day.  Congratulations to Savion, and the Crown Charter Kindergarten Class of 2011.

Please enjoy this slide show I put together. Its best viewed in full screen which is the button on the bottom right shown after you hit play.