I Fell in Love in Costa Rica

I fell in love in Costa Rica and his name is Paco…..

So day two of my trip, I’m still in La Fortuna, and I awake in the morning early to go for a run. It was hot, rainy and breathing was difficult due to the elevation, humidity and this steady incline that did not let up (ok who am I kidding I’m still out of shape). After I was finished I rewarded myself with coffee and fresh fruit for my morning breakfast. My hotel has a restaurant that has an outdoor patio, so I sat at the table closest to the street so I could have a view of the people walking by. Shortly after I started eating I looked down and I see the cutest furriest saddest eyes I’ve ever seen. Now, Costa Rica has a lot of stray dogs. Many are cute, but this one definitely stole my heart.

He’s a stray, so I tried to sneak him a treat and gave him a banana from my plate but he wanted nothing to do with that (I get it… Bananas are gross). We sat together all morning as I read my book and he watched as people walked by. A white dog stopped by to say hello and you could tell that they were friends. They played for a brief moment but he sat right back down by my side.

After I was finished with breakfast I took a shower and got ready for my afternoon tour. As I waited in the lobby for the tour van to pick me up I saw him sitting in the same spot, so I pulled up a chair and sat with him some more. I scratched his ear and under his chin and he turned to give me his belly (everyone likes a good belly Rub).  When my tour van arrived and I said “Bye Paco, see you later”.  The ladies working in the restaurant had a good giggle (I’m not sure if they were laughing at me because I named Paco or because I had befriended a stray) either way I knew I wasn’t going to see him again, he’s a stray afterall.

After I got back from my tour (which was amazing by the way) I took a shower and was off to dinner. At dinner, I was talking to the bartender about all the stray dogs I happened to see and he said “they’re crazy!!”. I replied  “no they’re not!!”.  With that he laughed and pointed behind me.  I turned around to see a white dog chasing a car down the middle of the street (something I only saw in movies and cartoons but never in real life). Right behind her was, yes you guessed it,  Paco!

It was dark, but I knew it was him. I yelled “PACO!!!!”, And he stopped and turned and ran right towards me. People around me and in the restaurant asked me if he was my dog I said “Yes, in fact, he is I adopted him this morning”.  He was so excited to see me!! He jumped on my leg and I scratch behind his ear as he wagged his tail like we were old friends. It was so amazing!!

I still didn’t have any meat to feed him so I gave him a piece of bread which he seemed to like (The bartender/owner of the restaurant did not 🙂 and with that quick hello he was off again with his little friend and troublemaker if you ask me!

I hope to see him tomorrow before I leave, but I will always have a place in my heart for Paco, he had me at Hello.