My CreativeLive Experience

Julie Perez Photography

Checking off my Lifetime Bucket List.  Three days at the CreativeLive studios studying fine art photography with Brooke Shaden.  To say this was a life changing experience would be minimizing my feelings.  I struggled so much with finding inspiration.  I felt like maybe I just wasn’t creative enough to translate the visions in my head to a piece of art.  I was sitting here with my eyes wide shut, waiting for inspiration to smack me across the face, but it wasn’t.  Brooke taught us that inspiration is inside of us…  and then she showed us how to tap into it.  The process is so simple, and now the ideas are flowing!!

Not only was the workshop amazing, but I had the opportunity to spend quality time with Brooke and my classmates outside of the classroom.  We ate (all vegan by the way), we laughed, and we shot!!  One night after dinner, we all grabbed our cameras, and got a chance to create with Brooke… side by side.  The image below was taken in the hallway of our hotel room.  I saw the luggage cart downstairs in the lobby (which incidentally, i had to steal when the front desk wasn’t looking) and started thinking of how when I was a little girl, I dreamed of traveling the world.  We dumped out my suit case, and Brooke more that happily crawled inside.

I was shooting with my 50mm lens, so I had to use the technique she showed us on taking mutliple images to expand the canvas.  The textures were from her “Textures of India” package that you can download for free from her website – Brookeshaden.com.

Brooke, you said to only post images I am proud of, and I couldn’t be more proud of this image.  Not only because I am in love with the theme, but I love that you are in it.  Every time I look at it, I will remember the amazing time I had with you, Aidan, Patricia, Julie, Victoria and Stacy in Seattle.  I feel like this is my first step towards my fine art photography career.  I can’t thank you enough for sharing your talent, sharing your time, and for just being you.

If you haven’t caught her workshop live last week, you can still purchase it at CreativeLive.com – It’s worth every penny!


Model:  Brooke Shaden

Julie Perez Photography