Rain Showers and Life Lessons

I wanted to share some thoughts about my first solo travel experience as I make my way through Costa Rica. I have a few hours to kill before my next tour, which is a safari trip on the Rio Penas Blancas, so I figured I would finish one of the books I brought and enjoy a delicious fruit smoothie I bought from the girl on the corner.  I’m sitting in the park by my hotel and there is a large gazebo type area where the locals are hanging out. It’s just beautiful.

As I finished my book, and was just about to leave a rain shower appeared, it’s been on and off all day, and I watched as everyone just stopped for a minute and made their way to the gazebo. The guy selling icee’s from his cart  and the guy working in the garden just put down what they were doing and got out of the rain. The family that was clearly on their afternoon stroll with their daughter, laughing has she was getting drenched, ran over too.

There was no annoyance or hands being thrown up in the air with frustration. Just a realization that the rain is coming down now, but it will stop soon.

When the sun finally came back out, everyone went back to what they were doing. They knew the rain shower was just going to last a few moments and it will pass. Wow, what a life lesson that is right? Maybe I should now point out that the book I’m reading is The Alchemist, so it’s al about life lessons and living your personal legend.

So, today’s life lesson:  There is no sense in getting upset over something you can’t control. Just stay out of the rain, try not to get wet, and when it passes, go about your day 😉