Yes, She DID!!

I am officially 99% relaxer free!!!

I have been relaxing my hair for as long as I can remember.  Having a mom that was Puerto Rican.. she never had to deal with that Black Hair!  So, either she was chopping all off, braiding it for the summer, or relaxing it.  So now that I older, I’ve realized that I haven’t see my natural hair in many years!  So, today I decided to chop it all off!

Time for a well deserved deep condition… At this point I can feel my hair smiling.





This is the Omg, I just chopped off all my hair realization (x2)!

I’m feeling pretty good right now.  Not sure how it’ll look in the am.  DISCLAIMER:  I rushed these photos out, as I have several friends who are impatiently waiting to see them.  In hind site, I should have put some makeup on =)